A downloadable game engine

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Program a multiplayer web game entirely in Ruby with Ruby on Rails and Opal!

Use UDP-like fast WebRTC data channels for multiplayer browser games.

No other web game engine does this!

Price now 5 dollars.


  • Ruby on Rails backend with ActionCable and WebRTC
  • Opal frontend means you can use Ruby to write your client-side game code!
  • PixiJS with WebGL rendering for blazing fast 2D graphics in the browser
  • P2.js for lightweight 2d physics simulation
  • Bump.js included for non-physics based collision detection
  • Networked physics with interpolation over WebRTC UDP-like 2-way Data Channels
  • Use any database you want
  • Easily swap out the renderer or physics library for something else, the entire game engine is implemented in 2 files of Opal, main.js.rb and application.js.rb
  • Write web games in pure Ruby, not Javascript!


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onyx_game_engine.zip 42 MB